About Us

Lead by Example

We are Democrats. We create and develop strong, dynamic, active communities, as well as leaders who champion and foster our core Democratic principles.

Democrats across Pueblo County are committed to the needs and interests of working class families and our local businesses. We seek to build communities where everyone has the opportunity to work hard and succeed. Our commitment to making changes that improve people’s lives supports goals for growth in jobs that provide a living wage, enhancements to our schools, fairness for all, and the advancement of our economy.

The Pueblo County Democratic Party is home to the people and the leaders who work to turn ideas into realities. Use the links in this About Us menu to learn more about what we do as a county party organization to come together and promote our shared Democratic values. Take a moment and sign up for our emails, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and find ways to get involved. We want to hear from you!

RT @Bochefus: Thanks for fighting for Pueblo Jobs Senator Garcia! #puebloco https://t.co/vBj7v6Q4kr
RT @SenWarren: Someone was murdered at a Neo-Nazi rally today. That happened. In America. In 2017. It's time to make clear where we stand –…
RT @billclinton: Even as we protect free speech and assembly, we must condemn hatred, violence and white supremacy. #Charlottesville
RT @TomPerez: The vile & bigoted display of hate in #Charlottesville has no place in America. We stand against white supremacy wherever it…
RT @GovofCO: Today we take a stand after #TempleBeitTorah was defaced. Hate crimes will not be tolerated in our state. https://t.co/enRIVld